Sunday, 8 September 2013

In case you missed it #1

Hello lovelies one and all,

I hope all your weeks have gone well and that you have enjoyed The Make Up Obsessed Midlanders first week. Thank you all for all your support over the past it has been a fun experience starting a new blog (of sorts) and it has reminded me about how difficult it is to get your blog established and out there for the masses. So for you all to be supporting me from the off has been a great show of support.. right enough of the mushy stuff onto the post.

Welcome to my weekly catch up of the two blogs I write & run, just in case you have missed anything. It's ok I'll let you off if you've missed anything (after all we all have lives to live).


MONDAY: Well on Monday, I introduced you all on ABOTAT to the products that I have tried and tested, the ones I am happy to call my spot fighters. If you missed that post you can check it out HERE.

TUESDAY: Tuesday saw the first beauty post on this blog. It was a NOTD post of my first attempt at a nail art design that I have often seen done but never had the bottle up until recently. It is a go at the Cath Kidston Rose look. Click HERE if you missed it.

WEDNESDAY:  Well Wednesday had a few things going on.. first up on ABOTAT there was the One and Only Tag. I was tagged by the lovely Laura from Laurzah and I had a lot of fun joining in with that tag. If you want to check that post out you can see it HERE. Also on my YouTube channel there was a Birthday Haul, so if you would like to check this out you can see it HERE.

THURSDAY: Thursday saw a FOTD post on this blog. It was a look at what I wore on my first day back at work. If you missed that, you can find it HERE.

FRIDAY: Back to ABOTAT for a look at five beautiful dresses that I am considering for a purchase. I need you help to decide what to wear. If you like pretty dresses... Click HERE.

SATURDAY: A trip back here on Saturday (yesterday) for a look at what has been my recent reads. If you have any book suggestions leave them in the comments HERE. Also.. on the old YouTube channel I published my holiday vlog so if you like looking at pretty sights... Click HERE.

SUNDAY: Today obviously there is this post... hello. Also if you are wondering how big my obsession with lipsticks is (rather large) well today I published the Lipstick Tag... you can watch that HERE.

So there is my recap of the week. Tell me your favourite post of the week in the comments and I'll see you next time my lovelies.
Lots of Love,


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  1. Ooh love a recap! Off to watch the lipstick tag now. Could this be dangerous for my bank account?