Saturday, 14 September 2013

LIFE: My Camera Story

Hello Lovelies,

Today I'd show you a little history of my blogging cameras. Apart from the first camera I ever used on my blog which was a Pentax point and click all my cameras are on show.

Before I began my blog I never had a need to photograph anything, maybe a cheeky tourist photo when in London but nothing else. Now I need a camera on me at all times...just in case.

Ok so Starting of with the bright pink camera in the centre. Meet my everyday point and click, my event camera... It is the Nikon s3300 and it is perfect for what I need. I bought this from an other blogger towards the beginning of my blogging life and I still love it.

Next up, once I started hearing more and more of the wonderful world of DSLRs, after hearing many reviews and chatter about that world and I knew it was a world I wanted to join into. So I looked around and learnt that another blogger was selling their camera so I bought it from them via eBay. That camera was the Canon 1000D (the one on the left). I loved that camera and the world for me changed photography wise. Sadly during it's life with me I began my YouTube channel and this camera did not have a recording function so I looked into a new one. Luckily this camera has not been left unloved in a corner somewhere as I sold it to a fellow blogger who I know will give it the love that it deserves.

The last "camera" I have in this picture is my phone, why have I put my phone in you ask? Well if you see a FOTD picture, it was probably taken on my phone. If you watched my earlier YouTube videos, they were all recorded on my iPhone, overall it has been very useful to me since I had my blog so it deserved a mention.

Now onto the current chapter in my camera story, the camera I have now, my pride and joy, my baby....

That's right folks, I am the (very) proud owner of the blogger and youtuber favourite, the Canon  600D. You know the one, the fancy one with the flip out screen so you can watch yourself whilst recording and the photo quality is amazing. 

So there is my camera story so far.... from the nobody who never took photos to the girl who has to take a camera with her everywhere, taking pictures of herself for posts, photographing anything that moves and that all happened in one year, who knows what will happen next.

Lots of Love,


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