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LIFE: My University Experience and tips

Hello Lovelies,

With it being time for people to take their first steps into university for Freshers Fun, I thought I'd talk about my experiences for the world to read about.

If you didn't already know, I graduated from University 3 years ago now with a degree in Education Studies and Theology (don't I sound fancy). I lived at University for all three years (one year in Halls, two in student houses) but I went home at weekends (mostly because there was no activities around the uni at the weekend unless you drink...which I rarely ever do... but mostly because I went to university relatively close to home so I could have the best of both worlds.

As I said, in my first year I lived in Student Halls of Residence, we all know what they are like. A relatively small bedroom of your very own, sharing a bathroom with 6 other people and the same with a kitchen. Everyone walking in with their parents, looking petrified and nervous as heck...lugging all of their worldly possessions into said small bedroom. Don't worry if you are nervous to move in... everyone is in the same boat!!

Most people say that the people you meet in halls/accomodation in the first year are the people who will be your lifelong friends... Not me (I'm not going to dwell on them, because they are not worth it) the friends I made came through meeting people through my lectures, the people you sit next to to hear a lecturer ramble on for an hour or two, they are the ones you will start conversations with and they are the people who you start friendships with. 

Toga Night

group pic after handing in dissertations.

R.A.G Society (final year)

Excuse my face in these pictures I hadn't properly worked out make up/skincare back then. Hopefully this shows you a little snippet of what I got up to in my three years, well the social side anyways. I obviously didn't take pictures of myself studying, in lectures and what not but if you have any questions on those let me know.

As it says in the title I have some words of wisdom/tips things that I wish I knew before I went....
  • Everyone is nervous when they start university especially in halls and you are than likely going to feel lost/alone/confused/scared at some point... there is always someone you can chat to, there is always someone at the end of the phone or computer keyboard. YOU NEVER NEED TO SUFFER IN SILENCE.
  • Join a society in your first year... I never did this. I joined R.A.G half way through my second year and I wished I started from the beginning. Its a great way to get to know other people with similar interests to you. Plus it might be something you can put on a CV later on in life.
  • You don't have to do things you don't want to do, nobody can make you do something. I know this is obvious to some but sometimes you can just say no. When someone says do you want to go out and you don't fancy it, just say no. You don't have to go wild in your first week just because everyone else does. Be yourself, if you want to stay in do.
  • Make sure you have a medicine drawer. Have a drawer or box somewhere which has paracetamol, cold/flu tablets, decongestant, sore throat sweets.. the whole she-bang. "Freshers Flu" is a real thing, which everyone coming from different places, you are sure to catch something.
  • Buy a university hoody, not only will it keep you warm when lounging round the flat/house/wherever but it is something you can throw on if you are getting late for a lecture or to stop people in the high street trying to sell you Sky TV.

The biggest thing I can say is enjoy yourself, do it sensibly and remember there is always someone you can chat to, if not your parents, there is always your friends or anyone on twitter. If you are just starting University Life or you are soon going to be and you ever need a chat to someone or you want a little advice you can always chat to me... my twitter is @abotat90 and my email address is, I will always get back to you and I am a good shoulder to cry on if you need it.

Lots of Love,


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