Saturday, 7 September 2013

Recent Reads #1

Hello Lovelies,
Something I never felt fit on my abotat blog was a little chat about the books I have read recently so I thought now I've got this little beaut of a blog I'd share with you what I have been reading as I have recently got into reading again in a big way.

First up FREYA NORTH Rumours... if you watch my videos I have mentioned this book in two videos, once in a what's in my bag and also in my August Favourites. I love the author and anything she has written. The story is always well written and there is always a little romance in there somewhere (which is what I love). 

JON RICHARDSON It's not me, It's you... This book is one that I bought way back as I am a fan of the comedian. I have to say that I only got as far as the end of the "introduction", which itself is about 30 pages long. I did chuckle a little through those 30 odd pages but there was no urge in me to continue reading it so I gave up. 

GIOVANNA FLETCHER Billy and Me...  This book... oh my life. I finished it in just over 3 days. I love this book and will definitely be purchasing my own copy very soon ( the copy pictured is from the library). This book was so well written, I really connected with the main character, Sophie and really felt like I was her. I laughed, I cried (buckets...believe me) I suggest everyone tries this book. I actually hugged this book when I finished it (it's that good). I really hope there will be more books by the author soon.

MATTHEW QUICK The Silver Linings Playbook This is my current book and although I am only a couple of chapters into it I am liking it so far. I know that there is a film based on this book but there's the geeky reader in me who won't let myself watch the film until I've read the book ( I did the same with The Hunger Games and also with Twilight).

So yes, there are my recent reads, what books would you suggest I pick up next? 

Lots of Love,



  1. I love Silver Linings and Billy and Me. I cried at both.
    I'm currently reading a book called "when girlfriends step up" by Savannah Page. I'm half way through and I'm really enjoying it. It's about a group of friends who are there for each other when life is good AND bad, just general life mishaps that everyone has - and how they all stick with each other. It's really a good read from what I've read so far, apparently it's a series too so I will have to find the rest :D

    Juyey xx

  2. I love Jon Richardson so may have to read that and was thinking about Billy and Me just yesterday. Will pick it up once my spending ban is over :) x

  3. I am desperate to read Billy & Me! Need to get my hands on it soon!