Saturday, 28 September 2013

Share the Love #1

Hello Lovelies,

Welcome to something I will be calling Share the Love. Each month I shall share with you two bloggers/blogs that I love and thing everyone should be reading.

My first two are a couple of the many lovely ladies I have met through blogging who I call my friends.

*beautifully superfluous*
HELEN: This girl is my lifesaver. I text her daily every day on more than one occasion. I know I can text her about anything and she will be there for me. Her blog, Beautifully Superfluous is one that I have read since I begun blogging, I actually don’t remember how I found her blog, but I read every post she writes. She is also the reason I have got so good at scheduling.

! Zoe - Lianne x ! | Beauty and Lifestyle
ZOE: Like Helen, I text Zoe a lot. We have gone to concerts together and like Helen, if I ever need a chat or someone to moan to, I can send her a message. Zoe is also the person I go to with any ideas surrounding blogs and YouTube. When I first started YouTube, I sent her my first video to check out before it went live. When I had the idea of this blog, I talked it through with Zoe first.
Her blog is one that I will always take the time to sit and read, and I think it deserves more readers than it has.

Please check out their blogs if you haven’t before, if you want to check them out click their headers, In the comments why don’t you tell me a blog that you really enjoy.

Lots of Love,

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