Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Easy Halloween Costumes

Hello Lovelies,

If you know me at all, you will know that I really do not like Halloween. All the masks creep me out a bit and to be honest all in all I am a bit of a wuss.

I have realised a few years ago that you can easily make a costume if you HAVE to so today, I thought I'd talk about three easy ones I would try.

Wednesday Addams

I have recently become a little obsessed with The Addams Family Musical so this was an easy one to think about. All you need is : A black dress with a white collar, black leggings,black boots. Hair and Make up wise, the hair just needs to be put into two plaits and also a pale face would help (but it isn't essential).


This is really easy, its just A LOT of pink. Pink lips, pink dress, pink shoes and if you want to live recklessly a blonde wig.

Finally one I don't have a picture for thanks to finishing this post from a car in Cornwall. That is a cat. Being a cat can be the easiest costumes ever, simply buy a set of ears ( which should be easy to get your hands on at the moment thanks to it being so near to Halloween) and also grab an eyeliner. Draw a small black nose  and a few whiskers and hey presto!! You're a cat.

What are your views on Halloween? Are you a fan or not?

                        Lots of love,

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  1. I love The Addams family and I love Hallowe'en, I just wish we celebrated it like they do over in the USA x

    Beautyqueenuk xx