Thursday, 3 October 2013

LIFE WEEK: the problem with romcoms

Hello lovelies,

Some of you might know that I am a massive romcom fan. 80% of my DVD collection is made up of romcom films, my favourite book genre is chick-lit (romcom's sister) and overall I love to see love.

Recently though I have begun to realise something, my look on life is warped because of my love for the rom com. So today I thought I'd explain two problems with the romantic genre as a whole.

Before we start I must say that I say this all out of love. I'm just a bitter singleton.

1) everything has a happy ending. We all know the way a romance in a book/film goes... Boy meets girl, they fall for each other, then something happens and they ignore each other and don't talk to each other until something bad happens and they have to work together, where they realise how in love they are, kiss and get married. 

In reality, we all know that that is hardly ever the case. There are not many people that that actually happens there?

2) not many lead characters are ugly or above a UK size 8. This is one mostly for the romcom films but to an extent it's also to the chicklit. No lead is ever like me, a UK size 16/18 with chubby cheeks, round body and everything else. The lead is always aesthetically pleasing and so easy for men to fall in love with, fall out with then fall in love with again.... I ask you Hollywood, where are the films with people like me who manage to get men like Ryan Gosling and his mates fall in love with.

3) the lead always goes for the wrong guy first. Why in romcom films does the female lead ( i.e the girl I am always wishing I am) always go back to the wrong guy before realising the guy she has been with for most of the film is the right guy. I was watching the film 'Leap Year' last night on my iPad whilst making food and I always get annoyed when the lead female goes off with the smarmy guy before she realises she's in love with the Irish guy ( I mean who wouldn't be in love with him?eh?) you have shown loving looks for the last hour with the new guy stay with him damn it!!!!

I could continue post for a while but for now I keep my lonely single moans to myself. As I said at the beginning, I am a true believer in romance and I love my romcoms and I love my chicklit but there are just something's that bug me so I thought I'd use this blog to air my rants.

What do you think? Are you a romcom fan? Am I alone in my thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

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