Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My blogging space

Hello lovelies,

Today I thought I'd introduce you to my blogging space, the place that I do quite a lot of my blogging. Some bloggers have snazzy desks to write at, me I have two places I write my posts either on the sofa watching telly/youtube whilst my parents are trying to chat to me OR on my bed singing along to musicals online.

This post is about my bedroom blogging because I do do most of my blogging there.

Meet my bed (this kind of feels really personal) complete with my old (but functioning) laptop and iPad on show. It isn't the most snazzy of set ups, unlike other bloggers but this is my little safe haven, where no body else can get to me.

Where do you do your blogging? Let me know in the comments.

Lots of Love,


  1. Aww I love those owl pillows.

    I blog from my bed a lot or downstairs on the couch. Have a funky little desk that I keep my laptop on when I'm in the living room (Which can be easily stored when I'm not using it) which makes it a lot easier to type. Balancing a laptop on my knee isn't the most fun. Haha.
    But on my bed it usually consists of me lying on my front typing away. xD So professional but VERY comfortable :D

    Juyey Xx

  2. I love the owls! I tend to do it in the living room with my feet up on the coffee table!! xx