Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Do you like Gilmore Girls?

Hello lovelies,

Recently I have got a little bit addicted to a TV programme. It is one that I haven't discovered on the telly, I've invested my money on iTunes and am enjoying the series so far. The programme is called Bunheads and its starts with the lead character, Michelle (played by Sutton Foster, one of my favourite american Broadway performers), a Las Vegas dancer marrying a fan and moving to his small town and her living with her mother in law after a tragic accident happens.


I bet you are wondering why the title of this is "do you like Gilmore Girls? 
Well that is because the executive producer is the same lady who brought us Gilmore Girls. I have watched 3 episodes so far and have found there to be many similarities between the two shows and some of the actors from Gilmore Girls pop out through out, for example the mother in law I talked about above is played by Kelly Bishop, who played Emily Gilmore in the Gilmore Girls.

I have become rather addicted to watching this series on my iPad recently and just thought I would share a good television programme, which I thought you all might enjoy. Let me know if you check it out.

Lots of Love,

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